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For Commercial and Residential customers, Christiansen Complete Water provides a full line of water conditioning products. Hard water is a common problem for many homes and businesses. It can create scale which can shorten the life of your pipes, water heater, dishwasher, and washing machine. Hard water deposits stain sinks and bathtubs, spot glasses and dishes, and leaves your laundry dull and dingy. Soft water will save you money and has many benefits:

  • Crystal clear dishes and glassware...and no scale in your dishwasher
  • Softer skin and shiny hair
  • Use up to 75% less soap, detergents, and cleaners
  • Cleaner, brighter laundry
  • Increase the efficiency of your water heater
  • Protect your plumbing and fixtures
  • Water-using appliances last up to one-third longer

For problem water, the Iron Curtain Filtration System is also available. It will remove iron, sulfur, and manganese from your water and eliminate the smell caused by these minerals. Reducing the iron will also decrease the salt consumption and lengthen the life for your water softener as well as your other water-using appliances and fixtures.

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